Product Management 101

This seminar was delivered by General Assembly. 

  • Products solve problems
  • PMs manage the end to end process of solving that problem
  • Different organisations define products differently
  • Vitamin versus painkiller products
  • Big ties to entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation
  • Vision = product
  • Delivery = project
  • Spans technology, business, design
  • Users are the only people who matter
  • Roadmaps help effectively communicate vision
  • Product lifestyle: intro, growth, maturity, decline
  • Conceive, plan, develop, launch, iterate, steady state, maintain or kill
  • Waterfall / Agile
  • Features start with a user’s wants and needs to complete a goal
  • Not all features are born equal
  • Kano model: meet all needs and aim for delighters – a nice touch that isn’t expected
  • Avoid hippo practices (highest paid person’s opinion)
  • No date format, facilitated by Trello
  • Dynamic reviewing
  • Be ready to make tough decisions
  • MVP: the least amount of work to gain the most amount of insight
  • Is there a gap in the market and is there a market in the gap
  • Validate, test, learn
  • Think about building a support base around your vision and communicating it via video before you build, e.g. Dropbox

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