Precedent comms – digital transformation

Most important message: change doesn’t have to be sequential – start where you are.

  • “Evolving ways of working in face of technological change to continue delivering mission”
  • Need to thoroughly understand why you exist
  • Be the best at what you do
  • Look at people’s day to day interactions and make them better
  • Start where you are and affect something you can
  • Digital impacts every aspect of people’s day to day life, make sure every interaction is awesome
  • Change doesn’t have to be sequential, pick off the things you’re already capable of doing
  • Your goals are the difference in the world your organisation is going to make
  • Think about the barriers to change your organisation currently faces, find the people who want to change them, work out which you can tackle right now and get going
  • Approach it in quite a ninja way, sneak in and fix little broken or bad things, you’re improving people’s lives internally and people gradually realise it’s digital that achieved that
  • Find internal champions to promote digital internally
  • You’ll never be done, iteration is a stage often forgotten
  • When you understand the overall goals, think about what messages you need to communicate first
  • Identify where you have competitive advantage and how you can make that stand out
  • No survey beats person to person user testing
  • Develop personas
  • Put your audience in priority order and build to that
  • “Start where you are” also informs new developments – take what you have and work on making it better
  • Think of ways to optimise your uat and iteration processes
  • Sitecore – really great for personalisation
  • Think about the long term journey of your audience, not just signing them up, but knowing what they want in two years
  • Meaningful ideas, intelligently delivered
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