Optimising an online shop

A few tips from Shopify about making the most of ecommerce platforms in the charity sector.

  • Consider using a comparative shopping service
  • Find the right one for you
  • Link your CMS products to your Google ads
  • Product reviews improve your SEO and increase revenue by 34%
  • Make them easy to leave, e.g. emoji / star based
  • Incentivise people to leave them
  • Cross sell your products with plugins for Amazon / eBay
  • Create a seamless ‘buy anywhere’ experience
  • Promote your shop’s USPs
  • Consider digital PR
  • Complement seasonal products with other digital content
  • Think outside the product, don’t consider your shop to be separate to other brand touch points
  • Millennials are more interested in second hand items than new ones
  • Use Instagram to style your products
  • Cross and up-selling is possible with Shopify
  • Use the launchpad feature to create a buzz around new product releases
  • Use A/B testing to find the best configuration for conversion (e.g. Optimizely)
  • Offer smart search to save your customers time and anticipate their needs
  • Customise 404 pages with your best selling items
  • 69% of carts are abandoned worldwide
  • Utilise abandon cart emails to gain back 15% of lost customers
  • Tell customers when stock is low to encourage faster purchasing
  • Notify people when items they searched are back in stock
  • Provide clear delivery and returns information up front so people don’t abandon in surprise when they get to the checkout
  • Offer suggested donations – people give more because they don’t want to choose the lowest option
  • Tell them exactly what their donation will mean (e.g. shopping list)
  • Alleviating buyer’s remorse will encourage them to return for another great experience
  • Large companies perform worse on customer satisfaction – they ignore the basics and go for quantity over quality

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