Engaging digital comms (2016)

Oxfam –

  • Hostile environment
  • Need to be fast to react and change
  • Competing in a market with cruk, people have been touched by cancer, but not so likely to have been touched by extreme poverty
  • Edgy our remarkable content
  • “If we just did what people wanted we’d be a pet charity”
  • Need to explain reality and relevance
  • Everyone thinks their team is most important, comms have to make it coherent
  • Capitalise on world events e.g. Panama papers
  • People are the answer to the problem of poverty
  • Personal stories
  • Balance of authenticity versus appeal of celebrity support
  • Media relationship with HuffPo
  • They make films via animated PowerPoint presentations to save cash
  • Celebrating user-generated content, you’re a movement that depends on people so don’t try to control them
  • They have an internal digital advocates group to cement it across the organisation, a lot of these are senior
  • Welcome the digital team to all meetings
  • They also have a supporter marketing team who find out what people want to share and are agile enough to go and make it
  • “Voice defined by brand work we commissioned and being driven by our values”
  • “Accountability, inclusivity and empowerment”
  • We are people, we talk like people

How do you justify investment in digital?

  • ROI is an old metric applied to a new idea, it doesn’t work
  • Econsultancy from 2013 have been saying this
  • Value depends on your org and what you want to get from it – have a theory of communications that works for your organisation
  • Designers play on people’s natural desire to connect, e.g. bandages on a teddy bear, old Macs look like a face
  • Social media does this too
  • Quality over quantity in your content
  • Build your credibility so you have an opportunity to influence
  • Blended approach to ugc, real stories, real people, high production value
  • Measuring attitude change rather “than money for stuff”

Creating viral content, Missing People –

  • Social media is perfect for them
  • Can be locally targeted
  • Also have an annual ‘big tweet’
  • Their main aim isn’t fundraising, why it’s so successful
  • Big storytelling element to their campaigns
  • Education element on the different reasons someone might go missing
  • Creates an organic online community, #teambigtweet was user-generated
  • Q – how do you appeal to people who aren’t directly affected?
  • They approach key influencers and celebrities to help it take off
  • They manage the relationships really well through the year, to the point that celebrities now approach them asking when they can get involved
  • Plan, plan, plan
  • Foster a community, create a movement
  • Live by your values
  • Be real and human

Content creation –

  • Write like you’re writing for a friend
  • Be unpredictable
  • How tos, Q&As
  • Take risks, brave, bold, subversive
  • Reddit
  • Hijacking, e.g. Save the children #tubestrike
  • Day in the life
  • 70% valuable, interesting 20% sharing ugc, 10% asks
  • Invest in high quality pics and videos
  • Shock tactics
  • Well positioned influencers e.g. a makeup vlogger producing a video for Refuge on how to look best the morning after
  • NHS did a nice #tbt to the war centenary “thank goodness ambulances have improved since then”
  • WWF did a great ‘last selfie’ campaign on Snapchat, capitalising on the countdown to extinction feature
  • Use the language used by your audience

Make the most of every penny, BHF –

  • Heart disease kills 3x more women than breast cancer
  • There’s a big stigma in heart disease (lifestyle, etc)
  • Keep it simple, comms job of making sure nothing comes out designed by committee
  • “Don’t build it, they won’t come” digital from the ground up
  • 65% video retention rate versus 46% copy
  • Young graduates can transform your digital teams
  • Be an evangelist for digital in your org
  • MLK said he had a dream, not a plan – sell them the dream
  • Understand your internal teams and what matters to them

Being data driven –

  • Approach internal inspiration like an external comms strategy
  • Hero something you know you can make progress on so you create yourself a case study
  • Personalised site for members, tailored based on their data
  • Content tailoring and personalisation for mom membership orgs

Breast cancer care, measurement and evaluation-

  • With every digital strategy, it’s exciting, things are going to change
  • You meet with everyone, talk to users, create personas and envision a better place
  • Remember, everything you promise you must be able to deliver
  • Friend “friends to digital” in your organisation
  • Influence and inspire the people who aren’t yet ready
  • “Every person affected by breast cancer will be able to get and give support”
  • Everything in their strategy goes back to that
  • Where are we now, where do we want to be
  • Develop a matrix to measure this
  • Set a timeline
  • They developed a tool to measure digital transformation, now free to download (breastcancercare.org.uk/starwars)
  • #digitalmaturitymatrix
  • NCVO are looking at measuring digital skill across organisations
  • Cross-check digital trends in strategy development

Audience segmentation, Which?

  • They were surprised by people’s motivations, they care more about challenging nuisance calls than they do about politics
  • Created personas
  • Talk to your supporters
  • Define their personality and motivation as well as giving them a name
  • They ask a lot at sign-up, e.g. their internet provider, rail company etc, then when there’s a big data breach or rail scandal they can provide info and push content to those people
  • Ditch enews, it doesn’t work, would you treat your friends this way?
  • They do a lot of small scale message testing and social listening

Influencer marketing, 38 degrees –

  • One minute of video is more powerful than one million words
  • But it’s not about making a slick advert, it’s about telling a story
  • New consumers of video are on mobile, they’ve got shorter attention spans, they watch it as they come across it, they’re not always searching for it
  • It’s easy to overestimate the skill you need to create video content
  • A perfect video every three days is more powerful than a perfect one every three months

Guide dogs for the blind –

  • How they could maximise on dual screen habits
  • Used tv accelerator to target audiences during peak shows
  • Their organic stuff does better than paid, barring valuable media partnerships e.g. ITV

Youth sport trust –

  •  Worked with future foundation to look at trends and predict the young sport landscape for 2035
  • Wanted to reach a new audience and engage them in their work
  • Used visual data, an interactive microsite and social media
  • Asked kids what they thought PE would look like in 2035
  • Got schools involved
  • Used key stats to engage media “1 in 4 young people think playing a computer game counts as physical activity” (Didn’t say whether this included Wii/Kinect)
  • Internal buy-in from the outset
  • Give supporters previews of your campaigns
  • Shout about your success internally
  • Young people led
  • Addressed issues like getting girls into sport
  • Wanted to empower people with disabilities into sport and understand how inspiration could happen, via social media etc

Action for children –

  • Barriers to internal engagement with digital – fear, understanding, status quo, money
  • Be results focused, measure everything along the way
  • Share success
  • Inspire and engage internally
  • Internal digital champions
  • Use the language of the people you’re talking to or hoping to inspire
  • Use agencies to plug your case, people often respect an external “expert” view, even if it’s the same as yours!
  • Sell each win to get buy-in for the next thing

Future proofing –

  • Keep an eye on the market and the potential to move into it
  • Amplification
  • User-generated stuff
  • The public are an extension of your comms team
  • VR
  • Better use of data
  • Welcome series’
  • Supporter journey mapping
  • Useful, shareable tools and content
  • AI potential in the future for immune service provision and signposting
  • Personalisation based content
  • Google knowledge graph
  • People want – capture everything, access everywhere, find things fast (Evernote)
  • Privacy and data protection priorities
  • Failure is good, creativity takes courage
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