This was run by Google and Search Seven.

Marketing strategy:

  • Paid search holds a 53% share of marketing spend
  • Digital is central to your success in the long-term, don’t underestimate or under invest
  • Make sure the agency you choose are a partner badged agency, regulated by Google
  • Priorities – reporting, ROI, optimisation, market and customer insights, latest formats and platforms
  • Be brave in getting rid of what doesn’t work

Google grants:

  • $10k a month
  • Need consistent messaging across the board
  • All text based, only serp rendering, cpc spend at $2 max
  • Need to meet certain content standards to qualify
  • Identify your main goals
  • “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”
  • Google Adwords set-up
  • Never stray from being user-centred and relevant
  • Awareness, interest, intent, purchase
  • Group keywords into themed ad groups, variety within that, the end needs to be a very relevant landing page
  • Short url to demonstrate relevance e.g.
  • Ad extensions = other options for the user e.g. call, find facts, faqs, etc
  • Quality score – relevance, content, ctr, on-page architecture
  • This obviously reduces cpc, giving you more flexibility
  • Do it well and you qualify for Google grants pro at $40k

Site design and conversion:

  • Presentation given through a cool augmented reality video
  • Understand your audience
  • What do they want
  • How are they segmented
  • What are your top tasks
  • Make things simple
  • Tone of voice, brand values, authenticity
  • Use imagery
  • “People buy from people”
  • A/B testing e.g. optimizely
  • Live isn’t the end game, it’s part of a cyclical process

SEO tips:

  • A/B test CTA buttons, page layout, etc
  • Be snappy in meta descriptions
  • Keyword research should inform your content, but not in a black hat way

Social media:

  • Choose the channels that work for your brand
  • Quality over quantity
  • Doing anything well takes time
  • Know your audience
  • Use tools that autofollow your database of email contacts
  • Photos engage 80% more than text
  • #endangeredemoji by WWF
  • Measure and promote your success to get internal buy-in
  • They use Pulsar, interesting

Paid search by

  • They get 1m visits per month
  • Did a massive site audit and got rid of thousands of irrelevant and out of date pages
  • Did a lot of ux and mobile optimisation work
  • Get 60% mobile traffic currently
  • Did audience insights research
  • Did a lot of interconnectivity work to link up all their digital channels
  • Do interesting social listening to catch people who are likely to become interested in their cause