These are regular, free seminars run in central London by Precedent digital agency. I definitely recommend them, Lyndsay Herbert never stops being inspiring.

Surface transformation:

  • 7 years ago, Starbucks was heading for financial trouble
  • Became victims of their own success – overreached and stretched themselves too thin, ended up disappointing their customers
  • They tested what already worked, what people really liked about them
  • Discovered a core of people who bought coffee online, made this better, incentivised loyalty, brought Starbucks into people’s homes
  • Online was an easier place to start – from there they could improve their whole business – share prices shot up

Anthony Nolan:

  • They had a huge content challenge, people at the top were too worried about scientific inaccuracy, they didn’t write copy for people, they wrote it for scientists
  • If you can make your content better, you will do better
  • Needed to appeal to their target audience
  • They weren’t joining up their strategic approaches – advertising at football games but not providing anything equally appealing for people who then arrived on the site, users were confused at the discrepancy and left
  • They also had squeamish issues with their demographic – didn’t shy away from talking a lot about blood in their content, which put people off
  • Had to think about what would make people become stem cell donors
  • The idea that they could save a life
  • Had to get the team to understand it was ok to make the content accessible
  • Created an 8 ways to save a life navigation heading, with easy calls to action
  • Focused on the less extreme things, like spitting in cups rather than needles in spines
  • They had an 8% increase in donors in the first year

Cardiff university:

  • Worried about admission drops after fee hikes
  • They spoke to students, found that they valued support above everything else
  • Found that they liked challenges
  • Wouldn’t let the agency touch the website, so Precedent created a microsite
  • Made a problem solving game, the winner would get free tuition for life
  • Gave it its own “Thrive” branding
  • Campaign went global
  • Became a sub brand for everyone talking about student success
  • Filled every one of its places and found they had a better quality of student base than in previous years
  • Success sparked transformation of the administration – they let Precedent change the website
  • Put students at the heart of the interface
  • Put students and the content people really wanted at the heart

Tip: Benchmark before change, measure throughout
Tip: Share victories widely throughout the organisation

Audience transformation:

  • Becoming someone’s power of attorney was a lengthy process
  • Stripped 17 stages down to four
  • Hosted case study videos of the target audience talking about how simple it was
  • Focused on empathy, realising it was a difficult situation for people and wanting to make it easier

Blackrock financial planning:

  • Changes in the law meant no more commission – their whole business model was around commission
  • They had to act quickly, find something else people really wanted
  • Did market research, found resources were important to their audience
  • Made themselves the place to come to find brilliant content

British Heart Foundation:

  • “Their site was basically an organisational chart, they thought people came to the site and wanted an internal team to fit into”
  • Marketing team had a huge challenge making internal teams think of people as people, not as siloed client groups
  • Precedent redesigned the whole site, put people at the forefront
  • Put the user need ahead of the business need
  • Focused on the site’s top tasks
  • First year the site live – 277% donation increase
  • 74% increase in event registrations
  • Used success to power other transformation throughout the organisation

John Lewis:

  • They wanted to understand trends and analyse the behaviour of shoppers
  • Identified something unique in their client base – a preference for click and collect
  • Made the whole process amazing – navigation, choice, payment, pickup service flexibility

University on Aberdeen:

  • They documented all the ridiculous internal processes over a few months to build a business case for major internal transformation
  • Wanted the senior team to put the needs of students first
  • Also wanted to improve the lives of staff working within these systems
  • Then did surface transformation to improve quick win course information – make everything more accessible and easy to use for staff and students
  • Used the success and positive feedback from this to implement further transformation

Transformation summary: How would you look if you were founded today? How would you look online?

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