• WWF’s Last Selfie made excellent use of Snapchat’s transient roots
  • Bliss are hoping to widen the reach of their information using chatbots
  • Instagram works well for them, baby photos plus the audience’s ability to see progress from surviving to thriving
  • They make more money via Just Giving than Facebook Donate, and they get more optins
  • But on Facebook they get better brand recognition and return loyalty

Social advisory

  • Girl guiding currently campaigning to change their public image
  • Teaching kids coding and aviation over baking and sewing
  • Facebook chat continues to grow, even amongst people who don’t use the rest of the service
  • Blood donor charity says podcasts have been their most successful digital channel for conversion to action
  • “Movements are better if the goal is quantifiable”
  • “Reach is a means to an end, the numbers mean nothing if you don’t achieve your goal”
  • Girl guiding have internal buy-in to let go of internal content control
  • Everyone agrees UGC continues to be their best performing content


Small teams

  • Austistica found in-depth one to one user interviews without a task base valuable
  • They developed personas based on months of these
  • It helped introduce them to new audiences and angles they hadn’t thought about before
  • Identified a need to make their ‘About us’ pages values based, to distinguish them from other autism charities
  • Develop digital standards and get whole organisation buy-in
  • Make use of corporate partners for targeted pro bono support
  • Live email content is currently underused but holds a lot of campaigning potential

National Trust

  • Personalisation
  • Making signing up and in something people wanted to do
  • They created a full GDPR campaign to encourage supporters to confirm consent
  • They used urgency and re-framed the idea of asking for something into the idea of providing something
  • They focused on owned and earned over paid media
  • They have multiple audience input panels depending on what the projects they’re working on


  • 68% of supporters stop engaging because they don’t feel cared about
  • Keep taking to supporters and testing assumptions
  • Personalisation
  • Get buy-in by making metrics accessible and meaningful to senior stakeholders
  • Stop collecting numbers for the sake of numbers, always relate back to mission

Making websites greener

  • The internet represents 2% of global emissions, the same as aviation
  • Every pageview is the equivalent of boiling water for a cup of tea
  • We’re on track to represent 3.5% of global emissions in the next 10 years
  • Visit to view impact (and admire how light that site is)
  • User experience doesn’t have to cost the earth
  • Write efficient code
  • Continually audit and remove out of date content
  • Image compression
  • Script reduction
  • Custom fonts are heavy
  • Focus on low data, high performance
  • Cut out bad traffic, go for quality not quantity
  • Use clean energy hosting


  • Campaign to end loneliness filmed their popular constructed reality film using only a GoPro
  • They changed their social messaging as they went, depending on how people responded
  • “Find the universality to create content that resonates”
  • Be human
  • Know your audience
  • Make them feel something
  • Make them care
  • Make them believe
  • Empathise and provoke empathy
  • Always test before you launch

New technologies

  • Create one organisational strategy with arms that reflect each area of work
  • NSPCC built an app to widen the reach of their Childline service
  • For their ‘Pants’ campaign, they created a movement by thinking about its reach across every channel
  • Staff can’t brief the digital team until they’ve been on an internal training course

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