Don’t get lost in technology –

  • How do we measure the byproducts we’re creating
  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • People management
  • Thought leadership
  • Humanity
  • Innovation
  • Negotiation
  • “Efficiency isn’t the purpose of life, it’s the purpose of machines – be human”
  • Quite similar to Dan Pollatta’s talk on the ‘dream we haven’t dared to dream’ 
  • His biggest fear is AI’s ability to simulate reality, that we’ll decide simulated humanity is good enough and trust something that has no awareness of trust

Bots –

  • He predicts we’ll refer people to our bots, and our bots to each other, when sorting out meetings etc

Growth hacking –

  • “The future is all around us, it’s just not evenly distributed” (William Gibson)
  • MIT used social listening to look for censorship patterns and identify what the Chinese government were most worried about
  • Solve a problem for an existing customer base, e.g. PayPal for eBay, Instagram for Facebook
  • Growth hacking is a mindset and a process
  • Don’t work on more than 5 things at any one time, you won’t be doing them well
  • Be honest when you’re wrong, learn from it and create a space for others to be wrong too
  • Design experiments that help you answer the questions you need answers to
  • Good growth hackers are:
  • Humble
  • Tenacious
  • Scientific / systematic
  • It’s an art
  • Diverse
  • Relationship builders
  • Rapid testing and iteration
  • Agility
  • Customer focused
  • Measure everything

Messaging apps –

  • BBC and Buzzed get people to WhatsApp stories
  • Scientifically, people react to emojis in the same way they do visible human expression
  • More photos taken in two minutes today than in the whole of the nineteenth century
  • WWF #lastselfie use of Snapchat
  • Snapchat understands the relationship between the personal and the brand – we can pull in what we want, much more personal and permission based

Personalisation –

  • Atom Bank
  • Mobile only
  • Want to make people feel good when they do their banking
  • “Every time you interact with Atom, we want to make you smile”
  • Voice and facial recognition to avoid multi step verification codes
  • Makes predictions about your spending and offers advice
  • “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion”
  • They have 56 colours in their brand palette
  • They give reach customer a unique logo colour-way
  • Interestingly, reviews are mixed

Marketing for people –

  • The better we are, the better were expected to be
  • It now takes one bad email to cue an unsubscribe
  • He says “Some of us should really stop email marketing altogether – we do it so badly, all we’re doing is eroding our supporter base”
  • Be data driven
  • Ran ultra personal campaigns, e.g. get your partner to buy you a car, then tracked and emailed people’s partners

Video –

  • 70% of the BBC’s traffic comes from mobile
  • Max 1 minute videos
  • 80% don’t watch with sound
  • Use Instagram, tell a story in 15 seconds
  • Authenticity
  • Immediacy
  • Disruptive
  • Timely
  • Augmented reality to exentuate what’s happening in screen
  • Also longform opportunities as a gift to the super engaged
  • Guardian great VR example, showing people what it’s like to be in solitary confinement
  • FB counts a view at 3 seconds

Virtual Reality –

  • Storytelling
  • Get closer to emotion of people’s lives
  • Personal because it’s your own device
  • Another example of where something in gaming translates to wider circles
  • You can buy 360 Facebook ads
  • Jaunt platform

Just eat –

  • Takeaway a £5bn industry in the UK
  • Average household spend £6.50 per week
  • 70% of orders take place on mobile
  • Used disruptive marketing to initially cut through
  • Have a continuous journey funnel to keep people coming back
  • Heavy use of paid social
  • Lots of experimentation
  • Strategy = objective, channel, messaging, tone, format, distribution, testing, measurement, resource
  • Tie content creation with main events, calander hooks etc
  • Realised a lot of their audience were men who liked music, they created a man band parody mimicking the rise and fall of bands
  • Ran a ugc competition to name the band
  • Then adapted well known-album covers with the parody band they created
  • PR and experiential marketing opportunities all the way along, tied to the campaign and linked to big events like Euro 2016
  • Hyperlocal opportunities e.g. London food festival
  • More people use Facebook messenger than Facebook itself

Personal assistants –

  • Mobile search outranks desktop
  • Personal assistants can be anticipatory
  • They know who you are, who you like, what you’re doing
  • Can interrupt you with notifications, whatever you’re doing that day
  • E.g. Google Now
  • Google track and aggregate context, e.g. whether you’re planning a holiday or a wedding, how long you’re likely to be doing that, what you’re likely to be looking for and in what order
  • Natural language search native for <10s
  • Needs to be answered right there, no linking to sites
  • E.g. buying a cinema ticket or e-book without going to alternative apps or sites

 Augmented reality –

  • Connects physical and digital offer
  • Enables personalised and shareable experiences
  • Share a coke example