Content strategy

  • Ten stage customer journey –
  • Unaware
  • Aware
  • Research
  • Consideration
  • Selection
  • Transaction
  • Lead time
  • Use
  • Advocacy
  • Loyalty
  • Empathy mapping helps us not see UX as a process, but a person
  • Collect “moments of truth” – quotes from users about their pain points
  • Tool recommendation: Buzzsumo
  • Use no date roadmaps
  • Content auditing – used, improved, merged
  • Google trends to ensure content meets needs
  • Don’t assume all users in one group are the same

Video strategy

  • 80% believe videos are helpful before purchase
  • Don’t try to tick all boxes with one film
  • Consider – hero (awareness) > hub (consideration) > help (purchase)
  • Invest in small audience segments to drive maximum engagement
  • Marie Curie achieved 84% full viewing with this approach


  • “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention”
  • Treat every page as your front page
  • Keeping a user’s attention for three minutes makes them twice as likely to return
  • All data collected and reported should be actionable


  • People don’t behave in the way they think they do
  • Make a simple and human five tip guide for your social team
  • E.g. Don’t be you, be Mabel
  • Be transparent when things go wrong as well as right
  • Say no to good things in favour of better things
  • Allow people to have the experience before delivering the CTA
  • Become the best at talking about the things we care about