This event was held at Amazon’s London HQ (on Black Friday, which was a fun insight into the company’s party mode!)


  • AWS is becoming more and more affordable, with 77 price reductions since 2006
  • There are many more services in their product suite than I realised, including Pinpoint for audience targeting and monitoring tools like X-Ray which are much easier to set up from within the AWS environment than standard alternatives like New Relic 
  • I’d also never considered using AWS for personal use, but that was also an option discussed at the roadshow


  • Training and certification available
  • Consider that ‘transformation’ terminology is blocking senior level buy-in
  • Charities can claim up to $2000 towards setup
  • Account management service
  • Product feature requests flow


  • Have a plan, practice the plan
  • Perform regular penetration tests
  • Take the cyber essentials assessment
  • Transparency when things go wrong
  • Ensure senior leaders have a role, both to handle reputation management and to allow the tech team room to solve the problem